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Virtual Annuity
Greater Greenwich Fund
Scoop Post

We Strive to Help Retirees Reach Financial Security & Improve Wellbeing


We strive to help retirees reach financial security and improve their well-being.  In particular, we offer the Virtual Annuity, an innovative retirement financial vehicle alternative to traditional life annuities, manage the Greater Greenwich Fund, a hedge fund for defined benefit pension and other retirement plans, and run the Scoop Post, an online place where retirees can access all the resources essential to improve their wellbeing.


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Virtual Annuity

Virtual Annuity

Innovative Retirement Investment Fund

The Virtual Annuity (VIRA) is a convertible SMA/open-end fund that strives to provide retirees with a lifetime steady income stream and a long-term care (LTC) cover, the two most important pillars—along with liquidity and flexibility—of retirement financial security.   For more information, you may visit

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Greater Greenwich Fund

Long/Short Fund

The Fund seeks steady capital appreciation with limited downside risk to meet the risk and return preferences of low-risk tolerance investors such as pension funds, foundations, and endowments.

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Scoop Post

Comprehensive resource place for retirees

The Scoop Post is an online place where retirees can find the information and resources essential for health, financial security, and fulfilling life.  For more information, visit (under construction).


Retirement Income Security, LLC

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